About – The Write Choices

About – The Write Choices


Hi. I’m Gordon. Welcome to my writing blog and website, The Write Choices.

Who am I?

Like all of us, I wear different hats depending on reference, occasion, passion. I enjoy helping others. And I have a good eye and knack with writing.

– The Legal Guy

Much of my writing background comes with 30+ years as a civil litigator. In 2012 I was one of 17 nominees for “Trial Lawyer of the Year” chosen by The Public Justice Foundation, Washington, D.C.

I am a founding member of the Alethia Institute, a non-political, neutral, independent North American organization of trial lawyers, legal educators, forensic experts and trial/jury consultants who seek fairness in litigation.

I have fought against restrictions imposed on the press when denied reasonable access to report newsworthy matters. I have devoted significant time to community events that support and fund worthy causes. I have stood-up for America’s wild horses.

In my practice I’ve resolved scores of cases, written too-numerous-to-count legal briefs and I’ve been published in legal journals.

My legal website is found at Gordon Cowan Law.

– Legal Guy Turned Writer

Ghost Writer – I compose and edit reports, speeches, Op Ed pieces, articles, presentations, salutations, even letters. I review, edit and write legal briefs, even federal appellate briefs for lawyers and others. I also review, edit and write technical material.

Screenwriter – I am available for-hire to write fictional work for film or television. I’ve completed two feature-length scripts and another is in the works. I love breathing fictional life into a historically significant event, told through strong character that reveals the story which evades the truth.

Self-Help Publications – I have written short publications in a continuing series, offering good guidance to those who must participate in the legal system but who are first-timers dealing with the law. Each publication is topic specific. These are up-beat, easy reads.

Nonfiction – My newest and still in-the-works non-fiction book (title to be announced) takes the reader into the inner sanctum of that part of the legal business that no one else has discussed … or wants to. I can’t say more other than it is revealing. (Hope it doesn’t get me killed. Wish me luck). For a preview, here is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

– Legal Guy Turned Life Coach

I help others navigate through their tough choices. From the top-executive who cannot yet share a difficult matter involving her company, to those facing a sensitive circumstance that could jeopardize a reputation, or a business or an important relationship.

I offer uncommon strategy, differing with each circumstance, that provides a workable solution. I am not a counselor. Discreet references are available on request.

– The Adventurer

Adventure drives my smile. Keep a look-out for some fun stuff, including wild achievements of hidden stars and up-and-coming personalities. If not already noticed, I love performance horses. My most recent post on the Akhal Teke breed tells a remarkable tale of these horses and their friend, a man named Gelde. Click here  Akhal Teke Horses.

Why This Blog?

I started this blog to help others. And by helping others, I help me. I also began this blog to advance my writing and my own projects.

Who Can Use My Help?

For those in the tech support business: Do you seek fresh eyes to review, edit or prep technical material? I can help.

For lawyers: Let’s face it. You may be brilliant but your writing may not be up to par. (Oops. Did I say that)? Don’t worry. It’s not uncommon but is a problem if you cannot effectively weave truthful facts with the law. I can help. Appellate briefs? Yes. Even federal circuit court appeals? Absolutely.

Looking for sage advice with outside-the-box strategy on a sensitive matter? I can help.

Need a publicist? It starts with great writing and an approach that goes beyond, what I call, the customary anchored paradigm. That’s me. I can help.

Are you caught-up in the legal system but unfamiliar with it? There are resources within that can help. I may even save you thousands in attorney’s fees. But, I am not, repeat not, offering legal advice in this site. (Please review the dreaded Disclaimer).

So, yes. I can help. Drop me a note with your name and email at the Contact Us page.

What Do You Get?

I invite you to join us. If you send your contact info I will invite you to the Inner Circle. Those within the Inner Circle receive the content that is not published publicly. It comes at least twice monthly, whether a story, a tip of self-help, or other stuff. I enjoy offering thought provoking ideas with a smile. You may even see a fun interview with a soon-to-be-notable character.

In appreciation to all who join and provide their contact information, as a bonus I will give you for free the first publication in the OMG Series. This is a friendly, topic specific series of publications that offer help with certain legal issues. As I complete more in this series, they are yours as well, free.

It all begins here, with leaving your name and email on the Contact Us page. Drop me a note as well.

And remember, it’s all about The Write Choices.