“Abusive Power” – Harvey Weinstein’s Final Production

“Abusive Power” – Harvey Weinstein’s Final Production

Harvey Weinstein (Courtesy of E-News, eonline.com)

Power Broker Gone Awry

This week’s explosive revelation surrounding Harvey Weinstein hit a nerve and caused me to write.

If the walls surrounding Weinstein could talk. Only then would we know the true extent to which he used his power to take from women that which they did never wished to share with him.

Harvey Weinstein was a powerhouse word in the movie entertainment industry. He brought many a great film to the screen, The King’s Speech as but one of many that achieved top critical acclaim.

But the exposé of Weinstein’s patently offensive seduction of women calls for the end his production days.

New Film?

His only involvement in film from here on end might be that of a leading role in a story co-produced and directed by the ladies he sought to defile.

“Abusive Power,” the perfect title, would depict Harv in the final “pay back” scene, where he unsuccessfully attempts to stave-off the sexual advances of his fellow inmates while finding plenty of time to reflect on his misdeeds with others.

The Abuse

What did Weinstein do? It seems (in my opinion) the most recent, revealing tapes confirm he initiated various methods of intimidation and control over women who sought careers in the film industry. He made light of the abuse (e.g., the tape where he grabs her breast) and then dismisses it as somehow being normal conduct for him. When she objects, he does not take her concerns seriously. He also makes her afraid because of his actions. And, it may come out that he made threats to somehow hurt this woman and others by indicating or implying he could manipulate their reputation or their ability to work in the film industry. Shameful.

How Big is the Issue

But the story isn’t just about Weinstein. It’s bigger than his company’s namesake (which must now change its name). It’s bigger than the film industry. The practice is pervasive. Everywhere. Just look at recently exposed notables from Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes to Bill O’Reilly.

Intimidation and control by those who wield their power to demean others, to get what they selfishly desire, at the expense of another’s spiritual, mental, physical well-being, is pervasive. Such conduct is found in government, the workplace, politics, at higher learning institutions, even in the home. And it’s not just against women.

Such abuse is accomplished repeatedly and successfully by those with vast resources or with those who wield a method that gains power over the other. These predators remain convinced they are above the law and, really, above humanity. And when they talk of it with others who are somehow receptive to the conversation, it’s all a joke or they are dismissive or they remain indignant.

When these individuals think their abusive conduct would be exposed, they further threaten their victims to cause them to shut up – which is additional abuse. When finally exposed the Weinsteins out there initiate damage control by altogether denying that anything improper occurred. Or they publicly admit but a portion of their misdeeds while never acknowledging the breadth of it all. And in a final form of abuse, they make themselves the victims, acknowledging they need the help while never acknowledging how they hurt others (who truly need the help) and while never agreeing to make amends to the women they abuse.

A Resource

The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Austin, Texas, possesses many resources. For coping with abuse, here is their contact info:

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Abuse, 4612 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin TX 78756. Phone 512.407.9020. (See also https://www.ncdsv.org/publications_wheel.html).

The Point

Why has Weinstein’s conduct not been exposed until now? Vanity Fair just revealed the methods that kept Harv as a quiet untouchable. In a nutshell, they command silence. And they may enlist others to help.

The point of all this, of course, is to bring this conduct to light and to encourage those who remain silent victims, to come forward and challenge the abuse. Where the tide seems to be turning away from keeping abusers as “untouchables” like Weinstein, perhaps now is the time to speak up.

As for Weinstein, only time would reveal the extent to which he used his power to abuse those who merely sought to advance a career in film. As of this writing, 30 women thus far have come forward, revealing what amounts to Harv’s awful truths. And time would determine also whether Harv might face jail time.

Until next time this is Gordon. And remember, it’s all about The Write Choices.


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