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Welcome to The Write Choices

Hi. I’m Gordon.

I am a writer, personal coach, lawyer and a mid-life adventurist. I help others.

As a lawyer I seek fair measures of justice for real people with real losses. As a writer I help others with all types of writing projects, even other lawyers with certain briefs.

Want to know more of me? What I do? How I may help? Click on About-The Write Choices. Want to see or comment on the latest blog post? Click Blog-The Write Choices. Want to join-in and receive additional stuff? Fill-out the Contact Us info.

So What’s It About

I created this website to help you personally, or professionally, or in your business. When I help you, I end up helping me.

Are you leaving your executive post to join a competitor and face potential rebuke beyond your non-compete? Or, do you feel doomed by the tough non-compete? I can help.

Need a report? Speech? Article? Letter? Presentation?  I can help.

Are you a lawyer? Is your brief and letter writing sub-par? Don’t have enough time to devote to an important brief? A federal appellate brief? I can help.

Could you or your business use fresh eyes to review, edit or prep technical material? I can help.

Need a publicist? It starts with great writing and outside-the-box thinking. That’s me. I can help.

Do you require solutions to a sensitive matter that your colleagues’ usual paradigm of confined reasoning does not resolve? I can help.

Are you caught-up in the legal system and find yourself in unfamiliar territory? Helpful resources are within. And you may save thousands in attorney’s fees. (But please see my Disclaimer).

The Inner Circle

Want to be included in the whole shebang? Want to be part of the Inner Circle? I invite you to fill-out the info requested at the  Contact Us page and you would begin receiving, about twice monthly, great info, ideas, concepts, that will help you.

Freebees and bonuses will be coming to Inner Circle members.

Thank you for visiting and remember, it’s all about The Write Choices.